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Hollywood Sex Scenes

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Denise Richards & Neve Campbell - Oh Yeah

This Scene is taken from the 1998's movie 'Wild Things'.

Denise Richards & Neve Campbell - Oh Yeah - video powered by Metacafe

Director: Mira Nair.
Screenplay: Mira Nair and Helena Kriel.
Starring: Indira Varma, Sarita Choudhury,
Naveen Andrews, Ramon Tikaram, Rekha.

The rise of the independent film movement in the United States and the

recent success of Third World cinema from places like Mexico, Iran,
China and India has been lauded as a healthy backlash against the
big-studios' sausage factory approach to movie-making; where the
dominant philosophy is to clone a block-buster as closely as
possible. In this context, "Kamasutra: A Tale of Love" aims to be bold
new experiment that marries the wisdom of an ancient Indian treatise
on sexuality with politics and power relations in a previously
unexplored setting (16th century pre-colonial India).

The movie tells the story of two friends, Tara (Sarita Chaudhury), a
high-caste princess, and Maya (Indira Varma), a palace servant. Maya's
beauty is a constant cause of jealousy and envy in Tara. However, when
the local prince, Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews) marries the upper class
Tara, it is an enraged Maya who seduces him to get back at her friend
for years of inferior treatment. When this infidelity is discovered,
Maya is banished from the palace. In exile, Maya is taken in by a
self-obsessed sculptor, Jai Kumar (Ramon Tikaram), with whom she has a
brief affair. When Jai dumps her to be with his "art", Maya goes
on to train with Rasa Devi (Rekha) to become a courtesan, eventually
leading her back to Tara and Raj. She also manages to reunite with old
flame Jai, and becomes the center of palace intrigue and power games
played with an ample amount of sex, drugs, and maudlin music.

Kamasutra: A Tale Of Love manages to take high-potential sexual
situations, foot-fetishes, back-scratching, torture, hunch-backs,
trampling by elephants, opium smoking, and political intrigue and
somewhat amazingly produce a tedious, intolerable bore. With a plot
that begs to be parodied, the movie wearily trudges along with a
self-indulgent opulence about as subtle as a strong kick in the
head. Peopled with brooding actors who uniformly express deep
sensuality with a sullen "I'm too sexy to be likeable" look, this
ridiculously a-historical movie is filled with heavy costumes,
one-dimensional characters, and unnatural, stylized sexual situations.

For the first half-hour, the film sweeps the viewer away with
resplendent sets and glorious cinematography. However, as the minutes
roll on, the heavy-handedness of the movie asserts itself front and
center. There is a great deal going for this movie, and exploiting
Kamasutra could have resulted in fresh, adventurous and unpredictable
fun. Instead, what we have is a tired, hackneyed melodrama that
routinely throws in stereotypical sub-plots like class, military
intrigue, and exploitation of physical deformity. As the movie drags
on into its second hour, one is inevitably reminded of more pressing
issues like making it to that PBS documentary on the mating habits of
Peregrine Falcons.

Perhaps most disappointingly, the film fails to communicate any of the
sexual pleasure and wisdom that might come from exploiting an ancient
treatise on the delights of flesh and spirit. While there is a good
amount of female nudity and even a marginally interesting lesbian
encounter, the general tone is one of "let me tell you how us

Bollywood brat-packers do it", rather than letting the viewer discover
anything on her own from the film's unfolding. Rasa Devi's lectures on
the spiritual and mystical nature of sexuality in the Kamasutra are
about as abstract and arousing as Naom Chomsky's seminars on
hidden-cleft constructions in Theoretical Linguistics.

While the cinematography and set designs are sometimes breathtaking,
and Indira Varma and Ramon Tikaram turn in tolerable performances, thepredictable soap-opera plot, and the heavy-handed, self-absorbed
direction leave "Kamasutra: A Tale of Love" devoid of any grace. This
movie is definitely not worth eight bucks of your money or 120 minutes
of your life.

List of mainstream films with unsimulated sex

The depiction of sexuality in mainstream cinema was at one time restricted by law and self-imposed industry standards. Films showing explicit sexual activity were, with very rare exceptions, confined to privately-distributed underground films or "porn loops". Beginning in the 1960s, however, mainstream cinema began pushing boundaries in terms of what is allowed on screen. Although the vast majority of sexual situations depicted in mainstream cinema are simulated, on rare occasions filmmakers have produced motion pictures in which actors were allowed (or instructed) to engage in some level of genuine sexual activity, up to and including sexual intercourse. The difference between these films and pornography is that, while such scenes might be considered pornographic, the main intent of these films is usually not pornographic. Despite this, the release of such films (recent examples include Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny and Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs) have often been accompanied by controversy; many of these films have only been released in their uncensored form on home video and DVD, while the scenes in question are usually made widely available (legally or usually otherwise) through the Internet.

Films with confirmed unsimulated sexual activity

The following mainstream films have scenes with real/unsimulated sex, meaning actors are filmed engaging in actual sexual intercourse or performing related sexual acts such as fellatio and cunnilingus. These scenes have been confirmed either through visual on-screen evidence, or via the actors themselves in interviews.

Films showing unsimulated object penetration

Another variation on this theme are mainstream films in which digital or object penetration of a vagina is shown. Several of the films listed above such as Romance show this act in addition to the other unsimulated content. Films that also show some sort of penetration (as the maximum explicit content) include:

Films showing other unsimulated sexual activity

This category is for films that show sexual detail uncommon in mainstream films, but not necessarily to the explicit extent of the above. For the most part, this is the maximum extent of sexual explicitness for these films.

Pornographic films reedited as mainstream releases

Prior to the advent of home video, a number of hardcore pornography films were released to mainstream cinemas. In most cases, scenes of penetration were either cut out or replaced with alternate shots. One exception to this was Deep Throat, which was released uncensored.

Examples of this type of hybrid release include:

Television series with unsimulated sexual activity

Unsimulated sexual activity is occasionally depicted on television programs. The rise of specialty cable networks in the 1980s resulted in a number of sexually explicit made-for-cable programs. The following list only includes programming made for non-pornographic broadcasters and therefore does not include programs such as Night Calls and 7 Lives Exposed (Playboy Channel productions with unsimulated sexual activity).

  • Family Business, a Showtime reality series about a porn film producer, features footage of actual sexual acts, although scenes of penetration have been edited out.[citation needed]
  • Sin Cities, a British travel series, often included scenes showing people (including, occasionally, the show's hosts) engaged in actual sexual activity. As with Family Business, actual penetration is not shown.[citation needed]
  • Big Brother. Numerous contestants on European and South American editions of this reality-cum-game show have been caught on tape engaged in intercourse; in some countries this footage was only viewable on the Internet, while in other regions it has been broadcast, leading to viewer complaints. In the 2006 series of the Australian version, two male housemates sexually abused a female by "Turkey Slapping" her. This was shown through live feed on the internet. This activity did not involve penetration, however.[citation needed]
  • Cheaters, an American reality series that exposes individuals engaging in infidelity, regularly films subject couples in sexual situations with hidden cameras as part of their investigations. The televised version of the series censors the most explicit footage, however DVD releases of the series have included uncensored footage. In particular the video release The Best of Cheaters 4: Too Hot for Broadcast includes footage of two women penetrating themselves with dildos and male-female penetration can also be glimpsed.[citation needed]
  • Porno Valley is another reality series dealing with the adult film industry, and thus includes footage of real sexual acts, though once again no penetration is shown directly.